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EE aa DD n/W20

Dutton is a 2023 Double HZ grullo colt we are retaining as a possible stud prospect! He is HZ black and dun, and carries one copy of W20 as well! He has the build and athleticism that we love to see and we hope to prove him in the show pen before he becomes a sire to our herd! 

2023 Show Record

Hartwig Farms Show Series 10/8/2023

1st Place 3 Year Old and Under Halter

1st Place Stallions at Halter

2nd Place Color Breed Halter

2nd Place AQHA Halter

Hartwig Farms Show Series 10/22/2023

3rd Place 3 Year Old and Under Halter

2nd Place Stallions at Halter

4th Place Color Breed Halter

3rd Place AQHA Halter

4th Place Best of Show Halter 

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